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About the advertised vacation rentals

GODSOMMER.CO.UK does not arrange for the rental of the holiday homes.

The advertisements on GODSOMMER.DK are placed by private lessors wishing to advertise rental of their holiday homes. GODSOMMER.CO.UK only serves as a place where private lessors can advertise rental of their holiday home.

All information on the holiday homes, including vacant periods and prices, is stated by the individual lessor. We do not assume any responsibility for the correctness. We have not inspected the holiday homes and we do NOT verify the information. It is the responsibility of each individual lessor that the information is correct.

You should always have the price and all other information of vital importance for your renting of the holiday home, confirmed.

When renting a holiday home, you agree everything concerning the rent directly with the lessor and you should therefore always ask for a rental contract in which all the important details of the rented holiday home are described.

Rental is an agreement directly between lessor and lessee. Correct fulfilment of the agreement is the responsibility of the lessor.

With the exception of a trial period of 30 days, the lessors pay to have their advertisement placed on GODSOMMER.CO.UK. We forward the collection to their physical address by ordinary mail in order to ensure that the lessor is registered with the correct name and address in our system.

We are not responsible for errors in the stated information, including errors in the information on vacant periods and prices.

If you come across an advertisement with incorrect information or an advertissment which is inappropriate in any other way, we would very much like to hear from you.

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