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Rental agreement - what should this include.

You should always ask for a rental agreement when you rent a holiday home privately.

Since you rent from private persons, there is no standard lease agreement and when you receive the agreement you should therefore read this carefully and determine whether it includes the areas which you find important.

You should not be hesitant to require changes or additions to the agreement if you are of the opinion that something contained therein is unreasonable. The rental agreement serves to protect both lessor and you as lessee and is both parties’ security that agreement has been reached on the terms of the rental.

The lease agreement should as a minimum include the following:

1. The parties
Names of you and lessor, address, telephone numbers and email addresses.

2. Information on the rented holiday home
Description on the holiday home, address of the holiday home and a list of the details on the holiday home which are important to you.

The holiday home has room for X persons divided into 4 bedrooms and is equipped with swimming pool. There is a high chair and internet access. It is allowed to bring a dog.

3. Period & key delivery
Information on which period you have leased the holiday home and at which price.
Besides this, information on key delivery and key return.

4. Payment
Information on when and how payment is to be effected.

5. Supplementary payments
Information on prices of water, electricity and other extra things settled according to consumption.

6. Final cleaning
Information on what has been agreed in relation to final cleaning and price, if necessary.

7. Deposit
If a deposit has to be paid, it has to appear when and how this is to be paid. It should also appear when and how the deposit less any set-off is repaid at the latest.

8. Complaints
Who should you contact regarding defects and possible complaints. How do you contact lessor during the lease period.

9. Cancellation
Information on the conditions for cancellation.
For how long before the lease takes effect are you able to cancel without charge.
For how long before the lease takes effect is the lessor able to cancel the agreement.